Should you lean or hang art?

Art gives you the chance to explore your creativity as you use different pieces to express your personality in your apartment. Though people have been hanging art for years now, leaning art is gaining popularity, especially in modern homes. While some of the art pieces from come ready to hang, you also get the option of leaning some pieces. Understanding the merits and demerits of both options can help you choose the best option for your artwork. You should also consider the specific impression you intend to leave as you choose between the two options.

Leaning art

If you want to create a unique look with your paintings, then you should consider leaning them against a wall rather than hanging them. You can layer some large art pieces with small ones to make your collection stand out. Layering your art pieces can give them more dimension and depth. It can also make them look more visually appealing in your home. Decorating a small space is sometimes not easy. Some people, therefore, choose to lean artwork to create a focal point and make the home appear larger. If your house has a complicated design or minimal space, you should consider leaning artwork.

The problem with choosing this option is that you should have a surface to prevent the piece from being unstable. If you want to lean art, you have to consider the surfaces you have at your home that you can use to display different pieces. Some people also reveal that leaning art can sometimes leave a wall space looking too bare. This effect occurs when you are working with a single surface. If you, however, have some shelves, you can fill up space by leaning art.

Hanging art

For the art collector who likes an organized look, then hanging art would be ideal. This works well, especially when you have lots of art pieces to display. Leaning them can create a haphazard look and make them appear disorderly. Hanging lots of art pieces on a wall, on the other hand, creates a great sense of order even in a small dwelling. Most of the art collectors like focusing on a particular size of an artwork. In this case, hanging such pieces on a wall can make them look more organized and neat. People with big houses prefer hanging artwork. This option does not limit you to a particular space. Feel free to hang art anywhere, including at the wall of your staircase or next to the bathroom.

The problem with hanging art is that it is more permanent compared to leaning art. Switching up art pieces hang on a wall can be hectic since this option involves activities such as drilling large holes through the walls. Experimenting with layering is also impossible when you choose to hang your art pieces on the wall. The lack of such options can make it hard for you to add a sense of dimension to your art collection.